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Long Horn


Caffeine and Guarana are known for their stimulant effects, both on the nervous system and on the intellect. Their extracts increase alertness, help fight against sleepiness and improve intellectual performance.

As a source of energy, Sugar is also in the composition of LONG HORN Energy Drink.

Nutritional Value per 100ml
Carbohydrates : 12.6g
Proteins : 0.4g
Fat : 0.0g
Caffeine : 32mg
Energy : 55kcal (232kJ)
Niacin : 0mg
Pantothenic acid : 0mg
Vitamin B6 : 0mg
Vitamin B2 : 0mg
Vitamin B12 : 0µg
Taurine : 0mg

Available in 250ml, 330ml, 355ml cans and 330ml aluminum bottles.